Once upon a time in an enchanted forest far away from this place, there stood the most beautiful and unique rose one ever did see.
Her petals were the deepest, darkest red and felt like rich silk velvet. Her stem had the sharpest most sinister thorns and flashed silvery-white in the moonlight. She grew magnificently tall, twisted around and around Serynthia's iron front gates.

Who was Serynthia?

Well, Serynthia was not only the most incredibly powerful witch in the Enchanted Forest, but she was also (unfortunately) the most unagreeable witch one EVER would meet. And thus, Serynthia was sad and alone. She found nothing in the enchanted forest that made her smile. Not one thing struck her as "beautiful" except the single rose that grew on her gate.............She greeted her rose every day exclaiming "Hello my beauty...hello my love"

"Hello, my queen! How are you on this lovely day?" the rose would respond for she was always very proper and displayed the very best manners......
and everyday the witch would reply "Sick and weary of this place, my love except for you, my beauty, of course"

Every day the rose would grow a little bit taller for the witches compliments made her feel quite special and very proud indeed! Until one day the rose had grown so tall that Serynthia could no longer gaze upon it's beauty from the ground, so she took to riding the wind and drifted up above her rooftop....
up above the tallest trees in the enchanted forest to be with her beloved rose. From up above, Serynthia and her rose could see everything the enchanted forest had to offer....

The peppermint fields where brightly colored candy grew like wildflowers. The butterfly thicket where magical trees spread their lush and velvety leaves to canopy great families of majestic butterflies. The castaway shores where the enchanted forest meets the deep blue sea full of magnificent creatures both friendly and furious! "Surely the witch could see the beauty in these magical places" thought the rose one particularly lovely Spring morning.... and feeling quite adventurous, she decided that today would be the day that she would finally make Serynthia smile!

"Look look! exclaimed the rose. "See how grand the Enchanted Forest looks all covered in the early morning dew?"

"Humph" the witch remarked unamused. "to me it looks so dreary worn and cold."

"How can you say words like dreary?" continued the rose "when the dew makes the candy in the peppermint fields twinkle, sparkle, and shine like millions of stars against the night sky?"

"How can you say words like worn" questioned the rose "when the dew collects in tiny beautiful and glassy pools to quench the butterflies thirst as they journey through the thicket?"

"How can you say words like cold?" wondered the rose "when the dew sets the castaway shores all aglow with pearly drops like diamonds on every single grain of sand?"

The witch sat thoughtful for a moment and then crinkled her forehead and cocking one eyebrow retorted "these things that you say, my beauty are absolutely true, but hardly worth mentioning since you have picked the most endearing places in the Enchanted Forest to find beauty in. Not much of a challenge, my love. Why not speak of the beauty that surrounds these shores?" sneered Serythia. "My guess is because there is none!"

The witch glared at her rose as if to challenge her further, but sensing no reply, she returned her gaze once more to the Castaway Shores.
All along the Castaway Shores grew craggy mountainous cliffs covered in emerald colored moss. The most treacherous of all was dubbed Dead Mans Cliff and it cast an eerie shadow across the shores like an ominous giant stone gargoyle. If one dared to climb deep enough into these monstrous cliffs it would be certain that eventually they would stumble across the Crystalline Caves and this was the home of giant leathery winged bats and furry spiders as big as house cats! For these very reasons no one ever dared venture near these places in the Enchanted Forest which was why Serynthia built her home just beyond the Crystalline Caves in the forests deepest and darkest woods. She felt it suited her to dwell amongst the places in the forest that no one wanted to visit . She was after all, the most un-agreeable witch that one ever would meet.

"There is beauty there... I am certain" the rose continued, still vigilante in her quest to make Serynthia smile.
"The butterflies once told me about giant purple orchids that grow all along the cavernous faces of Dead Mans Cliff. They say that their colors are more beautiful then any other flower!"

"Humph!" the witch responded "They could not be more beautiful than you, my love"

"Well..." continued the rose coyly, "I've also once chatted with a very friendly bat who spoke with me about the wondrous beauty in the Crystalline Caves that unfortunately no one ever sees. You see, there really are crystals there and they hang from the tops of the caves like bats. He told me that they glisten and glow like beautiful gems in the moonlight."

"They could never shine as brilliantly as your magnificent thorns my beauty" gushed the witch.

"But my queen, I have not yet spoken of the truest beauty right here in this very wood!" the rose proclaimed blushing, "which is of course more precious to me than anything and everything in the entire Enchanted Forest."

"...and what would that be?" inquired the witch, who by now was extremely curious to find out.

"OUR friendship, my queen of course!"

and at that very moment a smile spread across Serynthias face from ear to ear. She suddenly realized that she could not remember another time in which she had smiled so, or ever felt loved in her entire life

"My love" Serynthia beamed, "because you can see the beauty in all things, in places that others see as treacherous, in creatures that many find to be frightening, in a grumpy old witch that has always thought herself to be unattractive and cold".
Because you have opened my eyes to all the beauty that surrounds us ,I would like to grant you your hearts desire!
For you see...I possess incredible powers and I can make your wishes came true!"

"Oh my queen!" gasped the rose, almost in disbelief.

"I would very much like to be a girl.... yes! A young girl, so that I might walk with you through the Enchanted Forest and visit all the places that I now can only gaze upon. Can you really make me a girl?"

"But, my beauty" smiled Serynthia, "I have already made it so..." And true to her words, Serynthia had turned her beloved rose into a beautiful girl with deep dark brown hair, perfect rosebud lips, creamy flawless skin and huge almond shaped eyes. She named her rose "Devon the dark haired one" and from that day forward, Serynthia and Devon spent every moment smiling, laughing, and exploring the wondrous beauty of the Enchanted Forest together.

*Remember to see the beauty in all things*
*The End*