Day 10: Collaborations

We love to collaborate with other creatives! The plan is always to come up with something completely next level and hopefully inspiring to others. This project was in honor of the late great Keith Haring, an artist that has been a great inspiration to myself (and probably most artists from my generation) Our show was particularly special as we were able to collaborate with friends we’ve know for years (like artist Jim Williams) and new ones that I’ve met post PR, like Kat Avendano (whose incredible crochet genius is shown on each model with her high neck shells as a base) Ernesto Robledo (who took my concept of each model representing a color from the rainbow and came up with our insanely cool all over make-up looks) and Charles Schoenberger amazing photographer and treasured friend. This video was shot by Armin Kraemer, whom I had met on a previous shoot working as a stylist. Of course, none of this would have ever came to fruition if it were not for the hard work of event coordinator Micha Oliver:) Enjoy!!!

Day 1: Resolutions

Happy New Year!!!


Even though I passed out on the sofa early, woke up at 11:50 (just in time to say “Happy New Year”) went back to bed, and then woke up (without a hangover) at 5:30AM! Why?

It’s another beautiful, sunny day in Northern California. I could say that 2018 “just flew by,” but that's how it feels to me literally every year now (pretty much ever since I had a beautiful baby that now can wear my tops). Speaking of Devon, we’ve been spending a lot of time together since I got to take the 2 week Winter break with her (no more wedding gowns, YAY!) I decided to do NO SEWING at all for 2 weeks…just organizing…Super Crazy Organizing! I’ve been pulling everything out of the bedroom and hallway closets, all the junk drawers in the kitchen, the bathroom vanity….so many things…and I’ve come to really realize (and admit) that we are low-key hoarders. I have SO MUCH FABRIC, it’s insane. It’s ok though, because I’m documenting the before and after (which is always really fun to look at) and I’m going to put my OCD into proper use by being extremely organized in a really “satisfying to look at” way. I mean, why waste that on doing pointless never ending “to-do” lists when I can steer my OCD into decanting my kitchen and bathroom? So, I bought the book “Remodelista: The Organized Home” for tips and inspiration and went crazy. Now I have 1 more week of total organizing time and I still have 23 bags of fabric scraps and paperwork to go through…but I’m going to do it by tackling 4 or 5 bags a day, and I’m going to force myself to post the before and after pics here. Hopefully that will ensure that this finally gets done. Devon's been doing her part by going through all her toys, books and clothing to figure out what she wants to keep, donate or throw away. We take breaks often and go on walks downtown to get Boba.

Besides my “being super organized” resolution, my others are to spend more time with Isaac and Devon. My plan for that is mainly dinner focused. For example: Devon will be helping me put dishes away, she’s going to eat with me at the table (Instead of her desk ) Isaac and I will have dedicated dinner and lunch dates etc, etc, and that automatically knocks out my other resolution, which is to make healthier dinner choices …so perfect and easy to do when you now have a beautifully decanted and reorganized kitchen….hmmm.. so really, it’s all about food this year for me, I guess…how about you?