Collaboration: Devon Rose x SKO HABIBI x Amour Propre

Working with and designing for kids can be challenging and eye opening. They often see the world so differently from adults, which can be incredibly try to see the world through a child's eye.  Collaborations like this one helped renew the kid inside us: reminding us how fun it can be to work together as a team. With Jasko Begovic's cool designs and Calvin Rafah's (of Amour Propre) message against bullying, this collaboration brought together three different minds into one collection, all with the mission of anti-bullying. 

We worked together to make unique, one off pieces that allow kids to express themselves in a fun and different way. 

This shoot was called "Tribes" to positively reinforce friends who look out for one another inspired by groups of kids from all around the world. What does it look like when we look out for one another? Some of these shots show behind the scenes action of true moments of caring (many of the kid models here are actually friends in real life). 

tribal shoot0219.jpg

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These pieces were photographed for Halcyon Magazine by Sara Pine and for Hooligans Magazine styled by Veronica Alvericci-- keep your eyes open for these pictures coming out in September! If you're not following our instagram already, check it out @ilovedevonrose .