House of Payne

Greetings and Salutations! We are very pleased to make your acquaintance. "We" being the "House of Payne"....or more precisely Emily, Isaac and Devon Rose Payne. Yes, we are a family and our little family is also our design team. We provide made to order, fully customizable clothing for tweens up to adult sizes. Specializing in high-end streetwear and special occasion dresses and jackets. Many of our pieces are one of a kind or limited runs. We love to collaborate with local artists to create original textiles and promote each others work (we are not high drama, we only dress that way)

Our cleverly cut silhouettes will fit a wide range of sizes and our quality ensures that each piece will last many seasons. We have a effortlessly cool and comfortable vibe that tweens, teens and adults covet. Our pieces are guaranteed to peak the curiosity in everyone who sees them....where did you get that? This will be the question you will hear from most adults who will then say "I want one too" and guess what? They can have one too, and so can you!

We also provide private mentoring and sewing instruction. Please email us for more information.